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Oct 23, 2012

Well hellloooo! I am finally. freaking. back! (in case you didn't see my previous post stating the exact same thing ;) What an insane 11 days, y'all! MAJOR thanks to my friends who guest posted for me while I was gone. I was SO happy knowing my blog was in good hands!

So my work event went so great and we had the best time. BUT this was my fifth year taking this trip and while it was a blast in my non-baby days, it's now just over the top to be away for so long. Ronnie held down the fort like a champ though and shout out to my mom and MIL for helping him out. I can only imagine how tough it all was.

I've told some of you about my job before but I'm too nervous to post the details here! :/ But if you follow any baby stores/blogs/companies on social media, you may have heard them talking about a show recently. That's where I was! That's the huge event we work on! I just don't talk about it here so that my blog won't pop up on any searches for my company. Ya know? Aw-kward.

The trip included a three days of set up, four days of event, then tear down. The days are long and there's not much time for sleep but the bosses make it up to us in tons and tons of food and drink. So if you follow me on IG (colormejesss) you've seen most of these already!
The food! and the drinks! Oh my. I'm sure I gained at least 5 lbs. If not more.
And funny how I mostly took pictures of the drinks. Shows you where my head was at! ;)

I did actually get some scenery/random pics in though, don't you worry!
It was cool and so Fall-ish there that I almost didn't want to come back. Almost ;)
Of course I had more important things to come home to! When Ronnie picked me up at the airport, I hopped in the backseat with V and her eyes went wide, as if she was in shock! ha! We made a short drive to a restaurant for dinner and the whole way there she couldn't take her eyes off me. Holding her again was the absolute BEST.

Since then, I've taken about a hundred pictures of her (making up for lost time, right?) and we're getting her back to her usual self. Because what I failed to mention here, on Twitter or on FB is that V had a visit to the ER while I was out of town. Talk about freaking out. It wasn't serious but still scared the hell out of me and I know it was awful for Ronnie and his mom to see her in pain...But she's good now and more on that in the next post.

Now, it's back to work, back to my family and back to the usual. I couldn't be more excited!


Kimberly H said...

Yay, welcome back! It looks like you had a great trip, but I totally understand missing your baby. I don't even have kids yet but being away from my husband during the week now is SO much more difficult than when we were "just" dating/engaged. Thanks again for letting me guest post as well!

Jean said...
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♥ Marcy ♥ said...

So glad you are back sweet girl! So sorry to hear about V but I am glad to hear that everything is okay... isn't it just terrible what us Momma's go through sometimes? UGH!

Meg O. said...

Glad you are back and had a good work trip!! And a trip to the ER? OMG. I'm so glad she's okay!! I would have freaked the EFF out!

Jean said...

Yea, I don't like to mention where I work either. That kind of stuff can be sensitive, so I understand and some folks should respect that, too! It's kind of like.... just b/c we blog, everyone doesn't need to know every little bits to our lives... ;)

Sad that Vi was at the ER while you were gone. Sure you were scared not being able to be there. :( Glad she is okay now.

Glad to see you back, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad she's ok! Not going to enjoy the ER post. I understand not posting about work! I worked for a bank before staying home and did my best not to mention them. Better safe than sorry!
Looks like you had a blast. Do you have to go next year??

Jennifer said...

I can't imagine being away for that long! I'm glad that you are able to give your sweet girl some long overdue love! I'm also glad she is okay!

Anonymous said...

Haha but those drink look so tasty!

Looks like a fun trip, but I can't even imagine how happy you are to be home and with your adorable baby girl!

Breanna said...

Awwww, welcome back home! I'm sure Violet was thrilled! She is too cute...seriously, I just want to squeeze her :)

Love all the pictures! :)

Lauren said...

Loved all your drink pics on Instagram super jealous :-) I bet you are def glad to be home to that cute little face though ;-) Welcome back girlie!

Faith said...

Yummy drinks!

Glad that V is OK. I'm sure that hearing she went to the ER was very scary.

Welcome back! :)

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

aww I know you were so happy to be home with babygirl. I swear she just gets cuter and cuter!

Christina said...

I love that your job helps compensate all your time and work with drinks. They could be worse. :) But nothing compares to being home with your baby! I see that you tried to skype/facetime. How did that go? I'm glad to hear she was ok after her ER trip!!! Scary!

Mrs. W. said...

So glad you're back! I'm sure V and Ronnie are happy to have you home, too! :)

✿Faith✿ said...

Hey, Jessica! It looks like you had a great time!
Just stopping by to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster blog award :)
Anything you need to know is in my latest post :D


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