Nov 16, 2012

Is much better than yesterday, thank the lawd for that!

I'm not sure why the hell I'm blogging so late. I don't even have much to share...This is all I could come up with but ya know, memories and stuff. That's what my blog is made of.

Today the local "soft rock" station started their 24/7 Christmas music! Exact same day they did it last year too. This is awesome.

Our office center put up some Christmas decor! (Last January that fountain froze over. Which was totally amazing to us South Texans ;)

and the bosses have been gone all day, we may or may not have partaken in Happy Hour during lunch and it's effing Friday, y'all. LIFE IS GOOD.

This Friday dance is totally going on in my head right now too. (Every time I see a gif. now I think you of Marcy! hahaha)

What are your plans for the weekend?

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1 comment:

Christina said...

Yay for Christmas music and decorations! I seriously want to put my tree up, but Jacob won't let me until after Thanksgiving. Grinch. I just read your snow post. That frozen fountain is nuts! I wonder what they put in ours so that they don't freeze?


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