Thursday Thoughts

Mar 14, 2013

Random Hand Lettering No.3
---So we have decided to finally buckle down and get on a super strict budget. With help from this post (thank you, Kelly!), I have a really good place to start.
--Of course now that I can't spend, I see these NEON bubble necklaces today that I freaking need in my life. Neon, y'all! So if anyone wants to treat me, have at it. I might really need these personalized Chevron pillows too. Oh and these bracelets.
--We're cutting cable. The thought alone gave me a panic attack but after Ronnie loaded Netflix and Hulu Plus on to his PS3 last night, I think I'll pull through. I will be watching so . many . shows, my friends. First plan of action is to catch up on Mad Men and to start Downton Abbey. What are some of your favorites?
--Why yes, I am one of the people having a big old shit fit over Google Reader going away. I don't like change! But alas, on July 1st, I'll be forced to move on. So if you're on Bloglovin, please follow me there. Also, here's a great post from Katie on transferring your blogs from Reader to Bloglovin.
--Have you seen the DSW Spring '13 commercials? I'm totally, butt crazy, in love with this one. Not only is it one of my favorite brands but they're playing one of my favorite songs. Every time I see it I'm left with no choice but to daydream about having that exact party.
--Tomorrow is the last day to use my 20% off code over at Chip & Chisel! Like her Facebook page first and then use the code YAMC20. I haven't taken off my C&C necklace since I got it! 

--Current favorite song.  Download it now. I've been listening to it on repeat for a few weeks now and finally saw the video yesterday. And I  may or may not have teared up a little. See, I'm a feisty, slightly crazy, fly off the handle, stubborn kinda lady. Oh you didn't know that? ;) Add in my equally stubborn fiancé and we've had some pretty epic matches. (Just keeping it real here.). Crazy enough, I've never had more fun with anyone else in my life and apparently he feels the same way. All that to say, this video just reminded me a lot of us :)

--Thursday really is the new Friday, at least for me this week. I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow, bitches! Let's see what kind of budget friendly fun we can get into. At least we have some restaurant and store gift cards from Christmas to help us through this tough time.

Happy Friday Thursday ;)


Stephanie said...

Right now, I get cable provided through my apartment company. If I didn't I'd probably cancel. - you can follow your favorite shows and they list links where you can find them online as soon as a new episode airs!

applesandglue said...

Good luck with the budget - budgets are rough lol! And oh my, those bubble necklaces are so pretty.

Love that song. :)

Rhonda said...

It's my Friday, too!

We cut cable for a few months. I am just ready to get it back, honestly! Probably this summer.

Anonymous said...

Love Downton Abby! Try Pretty Little Liars if you haven't already.
You'll pull through! It was a shock at first for us, but now we don't miss cable.
Good luck with the budget, we need to do the same!

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

whyyyy did you have to link to those precious chevron pillows!?! No I have to buy one :)

Alexandra said...

omgsh those chevron pillows are cuuuuute. I need one.. Or two.. or three lol

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Matt and I were JUST talking about getting rid of satelite because we have Netflix and are considering Hulu. Do you like Hulu???

Some shows we've loved... Psych, Lost, Eureka.

Lauren said...

You are so lucky today is your Friday, I need those neon bubble necklaces stat.

Christina said...

Ahhh, budgeting sucks! We used gift cards to go out to eat this weekend. They come in handy when you forget about them! We decided not to cancel cable. I have so many shows that aren't available online or streaming. We'd also have to increase our internet plan to accommodate our usage and we'd only save about $30 a month. Not worth the hassle. We did cancel our Netflix DVD plan and that saves $12 a month, so that's a good start, right? Haha! I love that song and video! It's so cute. The part with the scissors? I do that all the time to my kids or Jacob when they aren't looking. What a psycho!


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