Bring it, 2014!

Jan 3, 2014


Can you believe it?!
I graduated high school in 2000, y'all. Excuse me while I go vomit. 

How in the heck did this year fly by so fast? I feel like I was just planning Violet's 1st birthday party and here I am, thinking about her 2nd. Slow. Down. Time. 

Definitely the most notable "memory" of 2013 was watching our baby girl turn into a full-fledged toddler. She started 2013 as a 10 month old and ended it as a 22 month old. Insane. I'm sure you can imagine how hard my mama heart is taking it but I know we enjoyed this year with her to the fullest and that's really what it's all about. I will always hold these memories with her close to my heart. She's just such an amazing little girl and I'm truly excited (and maybe a little broken hearted) to see her turn into a KID this year. It's already been such an amazing journey with her and I know next year at this time, I'll be shaking my head in disbelief again!

As for me, I've grown plenty too. Weight wise, well that's been up and down, but mentally, emotionally, professionally, I've seen so much change in myself. I have worked every day to become a better and more present mother, better organized in all aspects of life and much more focused on and excited about my career. All of those things need continued work and focus in 2014 and I also have a few other important goals for myself and my family.. and really, that's a whole post on its own!

Ronnie had to deal with some setbacks this year when it comes to school and his graduation date has unfortunately been moved a year (oh, another post for another day) but I think truly, it's been a blessing in disguise. He needed some time to recharge. He was stressed and some breathing space from school has been good for him. He ended the year by getting hired on as a part-time FedEx courier and we're SO excited! Great pay, great benefits and it'll work with his future school schedule.

In 2014, Ronnie and I will celebrate our 8th anniversary (!!), Violet will turn 2 and we'll celebrate 3 years in our home. Tons of good stuff and we have a couple of major things to work on this year. Details coming soon :) (and no, baby #2 isn't one of them, you insane people ;)

Here's a good chunk of our 2013 wrapped into 15 seconds. Kinda crazy.

I love my little family, our life and 2013.

It's been an amazing year but I'm ready for you, 2014!!

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Trish said...

I graduated in 2000 too. How was that possibly 14 years ago?

Can I share your puke bucket?


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