Christmas Card Mode

Nov 2, 2011

Now that we're in November, it's acceptable that I start talking about Christmas, right?  
I'm glad you think so because it's been on my mind for MONTHS now! :)
This year I'm extra excited about sending out Christmas cards! Not because I'm exactly thrilled about taking pictures with extra preggo weight but I know it really is a special year for us and I want to share that with our family and friends! This will also be our last Christmas card sans kiddo! :p
Ronnie and I sent out our first Christmas card together when we got engaged in 2009. Seriously one of my first thoughts when we got engaged (not even about the wedding planning!) was that we HAD to send out a Christmas card! ha! I chose Tiny Prints because they had such a wide variety of choices and were super affordable! This was our card in 2009:
(sorry for the awful picture, I took it with my phone. lol!)

The colors and the quality of the entire card was so great, we got tons of compliments that year! Then for 2010, I was lazy and had last minute cards made elsewhere. They were cute but not the same quality as Tiny Prints. So this year, I'm going back! I'm even thinking about getting some festive address labels too! SO cute!

These are my favorite cards this year in order starting from the top.
(They even have the matching print on the back which I love!)

I'd really appreciate your vote because I know I'll have a hard time deciding!




Thanks for your help, ladies! 

And if you're sending out cards this year, check out Tiny Prints for sure!

and then be sure to send me one, ok? ;)

Disclosure: In exchange for writing this post, Tiny Prints has offered me 50 Christmas Cards.


Anonymous said...

i love #4!!!

Anonymous said...

#1 and #3 for sure!

moderndaywife said...

Def #1 & #3!

Dana Richards said...

Ooo I love #2, I might steal it for myself haha we've sent out a christmas card the past 2 years... I wasn't in love with last years, so I have high hopes this year!

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

I adore #1 and #4! Christmas cards while pregnant are so fun, I loved signing our cards "Merry Christmas from all 3 and a half of us" (the third being our dog and the half being future baby Sawyer haha).

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

OK seriously, that's almost impossible! All 5 are amazing, how do I pick a fav? Hehe! Maybe #2? Honestly you can't go wrong though :)

You're cards from 2009 are way cute! I actually won cards this year so it'll be my first time having any made. Since I'm single guess it'll be a pic of me and my pup lol!

Jean said...

i thought about doing this. . . for myself, hahaha. these are cute ideas! i like number two!

Kasey said...

I love #1!!

Suze said...

I love all of them! (And I'm also sooo excited about Christmas cards!)

But if I have to choose...


Or 4.

Or both! :D

Mrs. W. said...

I like #1 & #3! Maybe when you know for sure what picture you're going to use it will look best with one certain design, and will help you decide?

Meg O. said...

I love that last one! So excited to see how they turn out!


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